The “yes” and “no ” food and physical activity choices pictured on the book cover suggest either a “good” or a “bad” choice, with no middle ground. You might think, “What? Never a creamy, sweet donut? Ever?” My answer is “I never say never.” I would always add a question mark to the “no” choices. A “No?” captures the spirit of Our overweight Children: What parents, Schools, and Communities Can Do about the Fatness Epidemic.
It calls for a spirit of moderation and flexibility. It calls for authoritative, not rigid authoritarian guidance for our children. Children are more likely to make healthy choices when guided with authority that involves negotiation, choice, and role modeling rather than hard and fast rules. The other extreme, “anything goes” permissiveness, leaves them with no guidance for making choices.
The goal is to help our children choose healthy food and physical activities “most of the time.” That leaves room for less healthy ones “once in awhile.”

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