“Growing up fat may seem far down on the list of woes that American children face in the twenty-first century. Educational achievement scores are flat or declining while rates of childhood poverty, suicide, and homicides are on the rise. America’s national and international emergencies push these and other long-term health problems to the periphery. This book is a wake-up call, arguing that childhood obesity is, in fact, an urgent concern that demands and deserves the attention and resources necessary to combat it.”
This book -- a scholarly yet practical diagnosis and prescription for our overweight children – grew from my desire to make a difference, so that toddlers I see as I enter Bellevue Hospital in New York City do not reach the unhealthy size of their siblings.
To make significant strides, community action is critical, because raising healthy kids “takes a village.” We must reset out personal and public priorities in a way that fosters healthy eating and activity. There are roles for everyone – families, health professionals, school leaders, the food industry, the media, and policy makers at all levels.
What are some of the potential outcomes if we opt to do nothing? More overweight children who face multimillion-dollar lifetime medical bills for diabetes treatment. More who never experience the joys and rewards of sports because they’re too unfit or tormented by peers to participate, and because recreational opportunities are not available to them. More who grow up to produce another generation of obese youth who suffer because of their excessive weight. If we care about our children, then none of these outcomes is acceptable. The time for strong intervention – and even stronger prevention—is now.
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