What I found most useful or liked best about this seminar
“eye-opening – learning about the psychology of overeating in children” and “presenter had a wealth of information to share, many resources/references at her fingertips”

“most powerful information”

“many things but mostly finding resources like some of the books that can be used and learning about some new programs being used.”

“reshaping the complexities of the obesity crisis, still a very long way to go in delivering helping services to already established problem of obesity – few solutions but shaping of greater appreciation.”

“nice format”

“resources available; references provided; audiovisuals were very relevant and created great discussion.”

“Different ideas. Reasons for why children overeat.”

“This was the best inservice/conference I have been to in over a year. I learned several things today that will be influential in my employment and personal life. I wish your conference was 2 days long as I feel there is more info you wanted to cover but time did not allow it. Again, you are a great speaker. Thank you!”

“good sharing among participants”

“The concept of discrimination against overweight children. This discrimination starts in preschool. Teasing is considered a violent behavior. I appreciated your nonjudgmental presentation.”

“Feeling that all opinions are really valued – Good information on that will be useful.”

“The varied multimedia devices, the integration of varied professionals research and opinions. Listening to others opinions in the conference.”

“Focus on parenting styles and skills very helpful”

“Exploring the emotional state of youngsters that are struggling with food/weight issues.”

“The fact that we were not just lectured. The video clips and audience participation really added to the workshop.”

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